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Perforating and embossing leather hides, vinyl and roll materials for top product manufacturers both hear in the UK and beyond.
All processing carried out in our UK workshops and shipped globally.

  • Roll material processing
    • Single pre-cut item processing
    • Roll to roll continuous processing
    • Sheet material processing
    • Specialist multi-layer processing for large production runs

Located and processing materials in the UK for a surprisingly wide range of markets, we have tooling to allow us to produce the popular holes and standard
perforation patterns and embossing patterns used in a wide range of industries, for example: Automotive, Aviation, Marine, Fashion, Design, Filtration, Flotation, Packaging, Advertisement and more.

Our contract perforation departments have the latest technology and machinery for both the
perforation and embossing of materials, using machinery made with decades of experience from our German machine supplier.
Our state-of-the-art perforation tooling uses the 'Patrix-matrix system' with solid tempered pins and cutting plates according to the scissor type principle, which results in the highest quality perforation available.
Just talk to us about your specific needs and we'll be delighted to endeavour to meet them.
With a tailored choice of production methods available including our:
‘Roll to Roll continuous processing’ allows us to give a continuous pattern of perforation while unrolling and rerolling the rolls each side of the machine on materials such as PU woven backed vinyl’s, man-made Sued and thicker imitation Leathers.

Multi layer' / 'Multi roll' processing on some thinner materials is possible and can be more cost-effective for larger volume production.
Our bespoke built Re-Roller machines have differential shafts allowing us to perforate
more than one roll per shaft and process up to three layers at one time!

Leather hides or 'Pre-cut shapes' We offer continuous perforation on a paper conveyor belt. This perforation method allows us to process Leather hides normally processed as half hides but can also process small or large pre-cut shapes, up to 1600mm wide any length.

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